Prescription Errors - When to File a Claim or Lawsuit

The number of prescriptions taken by the average U.S. citizen rises every year. It is no wonder that the amount of injuries caused by prescription errors is also rising.  Most people trust their own doctors and those in the healthcare field. No one expects to be harmed by medical treatment.  In most cases, our health services in Georgia are excellent and the number of mistakes that are made by nurses, doctors, surgeons and pharmacists are quite limited.  However, mistakes unfortunately do happen and it is hard to know when a pharmacy error justifies bringing a medical malpractice claim or lawsuit. 

Black and White Crime 2It is very hard for the average patient to determine that they have been given the wrong medication. We trust the medical doctor to get the dosage right and prescribe exactly what is intended to make us better.  Similarly, we trust the pharmacist to fill the prescription with the proper medication.  Unfortunately, the harsh reality is that 2.87 out of every 1,000 prescriptions are filled incorrectly in the United States and 20% of those incorrectly filled prescriptions cause serious health consequences.  These numbers might seem very small, but the effects can be devastating.  Prescription errors can lead to strokes, heart attacks, elevated blood pressure, amputations and death.

You could have a valid medical malpractice lawsuit in Georgia for one of the following:

           Pharmacy Errors – poorly filled prescriptions, wrong pills being filled, badly worded or wrong instructions, incorrect dosage;

           Drug Defects – use of a drug that has not been tested adequately and that is too dangerous to bring to market;

           Inadequate Warnings - using of a drug that conflicts with other prescription medicines taken by the patient, taking a drug while performing another activity or consuming another food or beverage that creates a deadly combination;

           Negligent Prescription - a failure to adjust the quantity of a drug according to a patient’s health status or to take into account other preexisting health conditions which can make a prescription dangerous;

           Other Medical/Pharmaceutical Negligent Acts - failing to provide medical services or prescription services at the standard of care for medical practitioners.

Don’t just ignore a prescription error if it happens to you -- the financial costs can be devastating.  Make an appointment with R. Michael Coker, who will provide a free consultation to discuss your case thoroughly.  Michael Coker has the expertise to analyze the facts behind the error and pursue the case on your behalf in a dedicated and professional manner.  All our prescription error cases are handled on a contingency fee basis, which means you do not have to worry about paying attorneys' fees from your pocket.  Whatever your situation, we assure you that your pharmacy error case will be pursued aggressively. 

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